National Apologetics Training Center

  Equipping A New Generation to Advance and Defend the Truth of God


  1: The branch of Theology that defends the truth of the Christian faith. (1 Peter 3:15)

  2: Christian Apologetics is the practice of sharing reasons for these thruths; giving a defense or explaination. "answer and reason"


Steven Garofalo is the founder of the National Apologetics Training Center located in Charlotte, NC


Steven received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD in 1988. He went on to earn a Masters in Christian Apologetics with an emphasis in Islamic Studies from Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC in May of 2007.


Steven is a certified Evangelical Training Association teacher and a member of the Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) apologetics training ministry T.E.A.M. Steven speaks at conferences and churches on religious and moral issues.


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10/11/2012 - The National Apologetics Training Center receives the endorseent of Kerby Anderson, President of Probe Ministries and Visiting Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Biblical University, and Temple Baptist Seminary. Kerby is the author of over 12 books and lectures at campuses around the country, including the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, San Jose State University, John Hopkins University, University of Colorado, and the University of Texas.


01/08/2012- Steven accepted position of Chairman of the Ethics Committee at a private local club; having written the majority of the ethical guidelines and now becoming the Chairman of the Ethics Committee January 8, 2012. 


09/18/2011 - Steven wrote the SES Alumni Development Plan and is helping implement that plan with Southern Evangelical Seminary.


05/18/2011 - Steven Garofalo was ordained by Christian Family Life Church (Christian Family Life ministries) in Charlotte, NC. 


12/16/2010 - The National Apologetics Training Center recieves 501(c)(3) status as a Not-For-Profit organization; after incorporating in the State of North Carolina in May 2010.


12/09/2010 - Steven Garofalo & National Apologetics Training Center receive the endorseent of Dr. Ron Rhodes, Founder of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries and Adjunct Professor of Theology and Apologetics at the Veritas Evangelical Seminary


7/26/2010 - Steven Garofalo and the National Apologetics Training Center receive the endorsement of Dr. Wayne Detzler, the Academic Dean of Southern Evangelical Seminary.  Click here to read the full text of Dr. Detzler's endorsement...


7/15/2010 - National Apologetics Training Center launches newly redesigned web site. The new design incorporates features that make it easier for interested parties to contact the NATC and stay informed of upcoming events.


6/2/2010 - Steven Garofalo and the National Apologetics Training Center receive the endorsement of Dr. Normal L. Geisler Provost of Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murreta, CA. Click here to read the full text of Dr. Geisler's endorsement...

Steven Garofalo, Founder NATC